Stonewall Rascal

Stonewall Sporthorse Champion (Special Exhibition Horse)

1996 Tri-colored Leopard stallion, now gelded


Stonewall Showmaster x Stonewall Baby Jane by Charlie Degas


Bred by Stonewall Stud

Owned by Tracy Meisenbach and Bron Stark, Brookneal, Virginia



Stonewall Rascal
Stonewall Rascal

When Stonewall Rascal stood in the light of his first dawn, breeder Michael Muir let out a low whistle and said, “There is a stallion.” He later recounted, “There is an intangible quality, a certain presence that can clearly ordain a colt’s future as a potential sire. An experienced horsebreeder knows it on day one. A colt still has much to prove to earn the right to be a stallion, but every successful sire I have bred showed his potential in his first day on Earth.”


This handsome tri-colored leopard is the son of the well-bred, beautiful moving Percheron stallion Stonewall Showmaster and the mare Stonewall Baby Jane, the first leopard daughter of the foundation Percheron stallion Charlie Degas and out of a direct daughter of the World Champion racehorse and multi-million dollar sire Apache Double.


Stonewall Rascal was test bred to a small, diverse group of mares with much success. He is the foundation sire of the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Horse as the progenitor of Sugarbush Harley Quinn. A Rascal daughter, Half Moon Bay became a National Champion in dressage with an amateur owner/rider

A paternal half-sister, Stonewall Queen of Diamonds became one of the most celebrated hitch mares ever to perform in California.


As Michael Muir was preparing to train and compete on the East Coast for a year, to qualify in Combined Driving for Team USA, Stonewall Rascal became “the One who got away.” He was purchased by Patricia Gratton of Florida, then gelded to pursue a career in Haute Ecole and Special Exhibition. Rascal has thrived in the limelight and performed with distinction throughout his life, leaving us to ponder what might have been.