Stonewall Scarlett

Stonewall Scarlett

Stonewall Scarlett, 1996 tri-colored leopard Stonewall Sporthorse mare – Stonewall Rebel x Stonewall Crystal by Prince Talisheek.

Stonewall Scarlett
Stonewall Scarlett
Scarlett-Equine Facilitated Therapy (Driving)

The 2001 Horsedrawn Journey Across America literally put the Stonewall Sporthorse “on the map”, all the way from California to Washington DC. This epic transcontinental trek was led by three daughters of Stonewall Sporthorse Superior Producer, Stonewall Crystal, a 1981 black leopard daughter of 1967 National Champion Crystal Curtain.


The three mares produced by Stonewall Crystal that completed this cross-country journey are the 1992 and 1993 full sisters Stonewall Blanche and Stonewall Stella, sired by the Percheron stallion Charlie Degas, The third mare is their 1996 three-quarter sister Stonewall Scarlett, sired by Charlie Degas’ son Stonewall Rebel, produced by Stonewall Dottie West, a 1982 daughter of Apache Double and Arbol’s Fancy.


There are two living damlines still active in the Stonewall Studbook after more than fifty years. These are the Arbol’s Fancy (1965) line, through her daughter Stonewall Dottie West and the Crystal Curtain (1966) line, through her daughter Stonewall Crystal.


Stonewall Scarlett descends from both of these mares, and is a powerful influence in the Stonewall Studbook today. All the leopard horses in our current stable have Stonewall Scarlett as granddam or great granddam. There are others from coast to coast across North America.


The three accomplished daughters of Stonewall Crystal have all earned Stonewall Sporthorse Champion honors. Stonewall Stella is recognized for Superior Performance in Long Distance Driving. Stonewall Blanche is recognized for Superior Performance in Long Distance Driving and Combined Driving. Stonewall Scarlett earned her Championship with Superior Performance in Long Distance Driving, Equine Assisted Therapy (Driving) and Equine Assisted Therapy (Riding).


Stonewall Scarlett has also proven to be an exceptional producer in her own right. She is the dam of: Stonewall Fantasia, 2005 whiteborn mare by *Atlantis. In 2007, she produced the tri-colored leopard filly, Arcadia de Bec by *Atlantis. The whiteborn stallion Magique de Bec came next in 2009, followed by the black leopard gelding Destrier de Bec in 2010. Both colts were also by *Atlantis.


After returning to work in Equine Facilitated Therapy, Scarlett was sent to Florida where she produced the leopard filly RTD’s DreamsComingTrue in 2017 by the sporthorse stallion Rorschach’s Hextatic. She is back in foal, hale and hearty, at age 22.


We currently own four granddaughters of Stonewall Scarlett. The full sisters Stonewall Calypso, Stonewall Samba and Stonewall Minuet, by the Friesian stallion *Apollo all have 2018 foals by the World Champion Friesian stallion Monte 378 (Sport). We have also retained the dazzling 2016 black leopard filly Stonewall Montelena by Monte 378 (Sport).


The powerful impact of Stonewall Scarlett on the Stonewall Studbook will be felt for years to come. Her bloodline continues to grow and thrive across North America.

Stonewall Scarlett’s Foals


Fanny and Samba, Scarlett's foal

Stonewall Fantasia, 2005 Mare by *Atlantis

Arcadia de Bec, Scarlett's Foal

Arcadia de Bec, 2007 Mare by *Atlantis

Magique de Bec, Scarlett's foal

Magique de Bec, 2009 Stallion by *Atlantis

Destrier de Bec, Scarlett's Foal

Destrier de Bec, 2010 Gelding by *Atlantis

RTD's Dreams Coming True, Scarlett's Foal

RTD’s DreamsComingTrue, 2017 Filly by Rorschach’s Hextatic